PUBG laging in Redmi Note 4- Problem Solved, Complete Solution. How to play PUBG in low end phones


PUBG lagging in Redmi Note 4, How to play PUBG in low end phones is this questions surroundings on your mind then you are in right place.

Hey friends Welcome to my website mr360online. In this article i will tell you that how to solve PUBG laging in Redmi Note 4, How to play PUBG in low end phones.

After the recent update of PUBG Mobile, there are tons of users getting issues like PUBG Lagging in Redmi Note 4, PUBG stuck on loading screen on android. Many of you can’t play PUBG for lagging.

There are many of Redmi Note 4 users belives that lagging issue usualy appears for slow internet connection or many of users using MTK varient of the chipset.

You definetly know that MTK processors gaming performance are bit low compare of Snapdrogan porcerrors.

In other hand apart form MTK varient of Redmi Note 4 There have a one more varient which chipset is Snapdraogon based SD625 and we know Snapdragon processors gaming performance is awesome.

But still, there are so many users who have reported about the “PUBG lagging in Redmi Note 4” issue. So the question is what the solution is?

I am a Redmi Note 4 user also, Well we do many of experiment with Redmi Note 4. We find the Redmi Note 4 PUBG lag. So, lets talk about the solution.

How to fix PUBG Lagging Issue in Redmi Note 4

• Firstly we need to go to the settings menu of your Redmi Note 4.
• And select the installed apps option.
• Then find out PUBG Mobile app.
• Go to PUBG Mobile and press on clear cache option and press done.

• In this end press ok button and you are done.
• Exit the settings panel and reopen the settings menu.
• From the settings menu you have to go to the Additional settings menu.
• Then find out Developer option of the, if you can’t find it simply you can enable it manually, just go to about section and simply tap random 7 times on miui verson and enable it.
• Now scroll down and look for the Force 4x MSAA option, and simply enable it.

• Now clear devices recent taskas.
• Now open the PUBG Mobile Game and go to the setting.
• Form the setting panel find graphics and make it low and press ok, you are done.
So these are the settings that you have to done.

Once you have done these settings. So you can launch PUBG Mobile and see is your PUBG Mobile game lagging or not. If you still facing the same lagging or stuttring issue on your device then here are one more settings which you can try.

Method 2 : How To fix PUBG Lagging in Redmi Note 4 Issue

For the second method you have to install an app. Follow the instructions and you will be done.

• Firstly you need to download an application called GFX Tool silmply click on it otherwise you can download it form play store.
• After that launch the GFX Tool Application.
• Then you have to follow the Instructions given below the screenshot for all the settings.

• Once you click on the Accept botton and you are allmost done and you can play PUBG Mobile without lag.

So in this article i cover that how to play PUBG without lagging in Redmi Note 4 this method you can also try in low end phones and budget phone as well.

Now this is your turn to do this settings and try this tricks work for you or not.

If you have any questions regarding PUBG Mobile lagging issue then you can comment box below, i will answer your question as soon as possible for sure.

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