How To Root Your Android Device With Kingroot Easily, How To Root My Phone Without PC, How To Use Kingroot 2018


How To Root My Phone Without PC, How To Use King root 2018. Is ths questions in your mind about How to root your phone Hi guys welcome to my website mr36oonline. In this article i am covering

1. What Is Root
2. precautions before rooting android
3. What Is Kingroot
4. Features Of Kingroot
5. Is Kingroot Safe?
6. Kingroot Apk Download
7. How To Root Your Phone With Kingroot
8. How To Install Kingroot
9. How To Check Your Phone Is Rooted or Not?
10. How To Unroot Your Phone
11. How To Uninstall Kingroot

What Is Root

First we need to know what is ‘root’. ‘Root your android phone’ you are getting the highest authority on your android phone and access to better use your android phone and any customization of your phone like you can easly change your phone ROM, you can access rooted applications like wifi hack, custom modes etc.

Precautions Before Rooting Android

Before you root your android device better to do below things in advance-

• Backup your device in the case if you are fail to do Rooting your android and you need to recover your lost data, you need to create a backup your phones data and all.
• Battery Percentage Make sure that your andorid phone atleast 50%-80% of battery power remains. If unfotunately your device turned of then your android phone is likely to turn bricked device
• Find best rooting tool on the market you can find best easy tool which can easily root your phone with higher success, here i prefere Kingroot apk.
What Is Kingroot

Kingroot apk is mobile rooting app. this app helps you to root your phone easily in one click without falsh any files. If you want to unroot your phone you can easily unroot your phone in one single click. Kingroot is a free apk, with tons of features.

Features Of Kingroot

• one click root your andorid device.
• no need to flash any files.
• one click unroot you andoird device.
• 100% free of cost apk.
• allows you to do tons of features.
• easy to use.
Is Kingroot Safe?

Yes, kingroot apk is 100% safe to do root, and user friendly. There hove no any malware or virus. This is a virus free apk and there developers always update this application.

Kingroot Apk Download

APK Name: Kingroot 5.3.6
Version : 5.3.6
File Size : 12.39 MB
Download : Click Here

How To Root Your Phone With Kingroot

• Firstly you need to download kingroot app which download link i given in the above.
• Then install apk you will see a popup Then “install blocked”> setting> enable the “unknown sources” option then install the apk.
• Then clear all background tasks of your android phone.
• You need to turned on your mobile data.
• Then open the kingroot app.
• Then click on “Start Root”
• It will take 5-10 mins to rooot your device, don’t panic.
After rooting you will get a message ” Root Successfully Gained”, That means your phone successfully rooted.

How To Check Your Phone Is Rooted or Not?

You can easily check that your phone is rooted or not. So, There is a simple method, you need to install an app called Root Checker app then you need to run the app, click on check then you can easily see your phone is rooted or not.

How To Unroot Your Phone

If you are root your phone with kingroot then you can go to kingroot app go to the settings of kingroot app, in the settings menu scroll down and find option “Unroot”.

Tap on unroot, then tap on full unroot and after unroot successfully you will make a reboot your android device once.

Now you successfully unrooted your phone. for check your devices root status, check it on root checker app, which downloading link i given in the above.

How To Uninstall Kingroot

If you want to uninstall kingroot app then firstly you need to unroot your android device, unroot tutorial is given on the above. Unroot then tap to kingroot apk and simply uninstall it. Simply you can go through settings then go apps section and selsect kingroot apk and simply unstall it.

In this article i shared you that:
What Is Root,
precautions before rooting android
What Is Kingroot
Features Of Kingroot
Is Kingroot Safe?
Kingroot Apk Download
How To Root Your Phone With Kingroot
How To Install Kingroot
How To Check Your Phone Is Rooted or Not?
How To Unroot Your Phone
How To Uninstall Kingroot
I hope that you are successfully rooted you android smartphone.

If you have any questions regarding how to root my phone and any problems you faced doing root then ask me in comment box below, i will answer your question as soon as possible for sure.

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