Does Technology Make Us More Alone?


Does technology make us more alone?

It’s 2018 guyz, and it’s impossible to do anything without of technology means smartphone and internet connection.

You can pay for anything likes your mobile recharge, pay bills, any bank to bank tranzations,(paytm, paypal) etc, even chat with any customer care representative with your smartphone, without any hezitation. But the over use of technology decreasing people to people intrection with each other.

Does technology make us more alone?

I read an article where i found an author says that, “People in 21st century are alone. We have so many ways of communicating, yet we are so alone.” And i think the lines are so true.

Technology and social media like Facebook, Instagram is making us and our next generation makes antisocial, they spends more time on facebook and Twitter rather than playing a sport and being physical activity.

The more time we spends with our smartphones and we are being less social.

Technology is suposed to makes us more connected with friends by allowing us to stay in touch with oir friends and family by using social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and of course sharing photos, texting tag in facebook photos and video calls.

But are our smartphone getting in the way of socilizing? Does technology make us feel more alone?

Technology makes you more alone because we are depending on our phones, tablets and laptops and other technological equpments like gaming console or etc;

when you start too attached to your favorite technoloy (there is a viral game called PUBG Mobile is a best option to time pass in 2018 and you get more antisocial).

In social media you find many of famous persons who are very popular in internet like Youtube, Instagram millions of followers and you just yourself the amount of followers someone eles has.

There is a term that is commonly popular and used word called, “FOMO”- short for “Fear of MISSING Out”. Yes this is the creazy thing .

If for some relevent reason you don’t check your Facebook or Instagram’s news feed every 10 minutes are you really missing out?. That is called FOMO.

Many people built relationships online and for while they won’t feels lonly they will be frustracted coz you can’t intreact with person face to face.

There are 7 resons why does Technology is making us more alone?

1. Attending Social Gathering
Attending Social Gathering to click selfies only. Earlier people excited to meet cousins, frinds and play fun games toghter. But now not playing those games only posting selfies on social media hastags is left.

2. Listning Stories on Youtube
Tiny tots are listining stories on Youtube, which we use to listen from grandparents. Time spend with grandparents was worth.

3. Lack of self confident
Lack of self confident because we are dependent on our accepetence on social networking sites like facebook insta.

4. Having meals with family
Having meals with family friends but everyone is busy on technology. only sitting together at one table but conversations going on phones or tablet.

5. Avoiding Boks
Avoiding reading of our text books and always using search engines to get to knowledgeble.

6. Children are comfortable at their home
Children are comfortable at their own room with their gadegts. They won’t intract with the peoples nearby. But they are intracts with people and enjoy conversations at social networks but those people are unknown.

7. Everything is done by sitting at home
Everything is done by sitting at home like shopping, pay bills, recharge everything, so no going out and meeting peoples.

7 Strategies for building a real social use of technology

1. Become a better listner
Learn to listen well and be okay with yours and others stumbles. Too often we talk much listen too little. We can’t edit real conversations and we won’t want to. We connect to others through the vulnerabilities , not through the brilliance.

2. Friends like minds
Join a class or find an intrest group. Getting to know peoples can be part of learning process. Bush walking or going to the movies, ther’s bound to be an intresting group. And this way technology mekes us not alone.

3. Reconnect with long lost friends
Pick up your smartphone and call am old friend who is in not in touch. And meet those friend.

4. Invite people over
It may be bit scary, Many people are intimidated by the idea of inviting people over dinner or lunch. or ever coffee. Real connection will always demand a degree of risk and vulnerability.

5. Meet people and practice conversation
If you are lost people for gadegets, immidiatly start meet people and take a small step for conversation.

6. Engage in your community
Get involved with your neibours and community, or help clean up the local area of yours neibour.

7. Unplug
Trun off your computer laptop and put down your smartphone and take time to engage people, in person, with face to face communication.

Being too focused on screen makes you forgot the difference between being alone and being lonly. and technology makes us more lonly.

Technology is affexting our socity in a negative way, but dosen’t mean we are going to stop using technology, it has come to stay. At the end its alwaysour decision if you want to see the world through a screen or your own eyes.

Then my question is does technology make us alone? really… then comment down the real reason


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